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Streamline operations and seize efficiencies.

All segments of the financial sector – be it giving loans, dealing in capital markets, asset and wealth management, insurance, investments, money transfer or payments, require extensive collaboration across a variety of departments. Imagicle portfolio of apps and services are specifically designed to fulfill the most urgent needs for an industry in constant evolution such as the financial and banking services while offering comprehensive tools to deal with security and compliance requirements.

Download Imagicle for banking and financial services and discover how Imagicle’s advanced tools – Call RecordingCall Accounting, a completely virtual Fax Server, a renewed Attendant Console to make collaboration even more intuitive and simple – allow banking and financial institutions to

  • increase productivity by making it easier for employees to collaborate;
  • improve internal collaboration through software solutions that eliminate friction and make it possible for different teams to collaborate and coordinate seamlessly. 
  • access information on any device, in any location
  • offer a more responsive and efficient customer service allowing operators to manage a wide range of communication channels efficiently in a single interface
  • scale resources as needed quickly, thus reducing costs and ensuring the appropriate resources to provide the best customer service.
  • adhere to security rules and regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, MiFID II

… and much more!

How Imagicle is helping banks and financial firms during COVID-19: free trial and support.

We don’t like to leave anyone behind. For this reason, since day one of the COVID-19 emergency, Imagicle has been committed to getting everyone connected even in deskless situations, allowing banks and financial institutions to continue doing their work with the same level of efficiency and security. We made our Applications available for free for 60 days and our Platinum support, including Proactive Support service and a dedicated support expert, for 90 days. You can find all the information for activation here.
PS. The banking and financial sector is not the only one to have faced a sudden transition to Smart Working. The COVID-19 emergency has also pushed other activities, such as school and school districts, to adapt to remote work, or, in this case, to remote school. However, with the right tools, this can prove to be an excellent opportunity for innovation and technological and practical improvement: discover all the Imagicle apps for smart schooling in the dedicated smart sheet.


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